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Try Them All

Product Description:

To encourage you to try all four chutneys we would like to offer them to you for a discounted price. They will satisfy your taste buds for spice, sweet and tanginess.
We are sure you will love them all!

Product Features:

CILANTRO MINT CHUTNEY: Packed with the 'power of green' it is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Mint and cilantro give it a wonderful fresh taste that makes it a perfect addition to cold salads. Just mix it with water to make a dip that goes with samosas, wantons, chicken nuggets and fries. You can mix the dip with cream cheese or Greek yogurt to use it as a spread on sandwiches. 

TOMATO GOJI CHUTNEY: Rich in vitamins and beta-carotene it adds a tang to your snack. Just add some water to the chutney and you have an instant dip that you can use with burgers, fries, chicken nuggets or fries. Mix the dip with any fresh veggies or fruits, add a dash of your favorite salad oil and you will have a refreshing salad ready. It is also great in sandwiches as a spread.

MANGO GINGER CHUTNEY: Mangoes and pineapples give it a sweet base and superfood additions like Chia Seeds and holy basil give it its characteristic flavor. This versatile chutney is packed with prebiotic and antioxidant ingredients. It can be used as a dip, spread or salad dressing. Add it to your bowl of mixed fruit to make it a tasty treat.

DATE GINGER TAMARIND CHUTNEY: With the sweetness of dates and the tang of tamarind this chutney is delicious and nutrient rich. The chutney can be mixed in water to make a quick dip; perfect with snacks like wraps, sandwiches, french fries and burgers. Add a few dollops of Greek Yogurt or Cream Cheese to make a spread or dressing. Ginger gives it a warm flavor and makes it a yummy addition to salads.

Try them all for $18 today!

Direction of use:

  1. For Dip: Mix 1 teaspoon dry chutney + 3 teaspoons of water
  2. For Spread: Mix prepared chutney + 2 tablespoons cream cheese.
  3. For Salad Dressing: Prepared chutney + 3 tablespoons of Greek yogurt

Storage instruction after opening: Store in cool dry place. Re-seal firmly after opening the pack.

Storage instruction for prepared chutney: Keep refrigerated and use within 3 days.

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